Cloud services with Delphi: don't make these mistakes!

Originally published at: Cloud services with Delphi: don’t make these mistakes

So, you have been given your first project to develop a cloud service with Delphi and want to avoid all pitfalls and loopholes that can come with such project? Or, you are thinking about migrating your existing applications to the cloud, and want to make sure you are going do start it the right away?

Well, you are welcome to attend my next free live webinar, at TMS Software Academy: Cloud services with Delphi: don’t make these mistakes. It will happen on next Wednesday, June 2nd.

I will talk about what does it mean to “move to the cloud”, and share with you my experience with developing such applications, and mention key points you need to pay attention to avoid headaches and troubles during development and after your application is running in production.

You are invited! Register for free for the webinar through this link, it will be LIVE, so you also have the opportunity to ask your questions and have it answered right away. I’m waiting you there.

Register for free – Wednesday, June 2nd

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